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Welcome to the Agape Clinic

We are currently seeing patients by appointment only

Please call the clinic to make an appointment. (Monday 8a - Friday 3p)

Clinic: 972-707-7782    Medical Fax: 800-834-0522


Agape Staff take lunch from Noon - 1:00 pm

Evening clinics are scheduled based on provider availability.

Please call for a current schedule of evening clinics and specialty offerings. 


Patient & Family-Centered Integrated Healthcare Services 

     Primary care visits 

     Prevention and screenings

         Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol

     Women’s Healthcare Services

          Well-woman preventative visits & exams, including breast screenings and PAP Smear testing

          Family planning services 

     Chronic Disease Care Management

     Health & Nutrition Literacy 

     Specialty services





Pediatric Services


     Routine Wellness checks

     Sick visits

     Sports physicals

     Hearing screenings

     Vision screenings 

Family Behavioral Health Services 


     Case Management Services

     Occupational Therapy

     Play Therapy

     Wellness Literacy


Don’t have insurance? No worries!! The Agape Clinic is a charity clinic that provides quality healthcare services unconditionally to underserved people. We do not file insurance. Agape requests a patient donation ($50) to cover the cost of your appointment.

NOTE: Healthcare services are always rendered without consideration of the patient’s ability to pay.

Prescription assistance is available through strategic partnerships

  • Americares and Direct Relief donate many medicines to the Agape Clinic to be given to patients at no cost

  • Walmart and SAMs offer specific prescriptions to Agape patients for $4-10




Medical Questions

Are you seeking medical care, have an appointment, or just have questions? Click below or see the Medical FAQ page

Patient Donations

If you have recently had an appointment and would like to donate to support the work of the Agape Clinic, please click below. All donations are voluntary and will not impact the care you receive. 

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The Agape Medical Clinic delivers a continuum of services with a focus on providing long-term care for patients’ chronic conditions, preventative health needs, and acute illnesses. Whether you’re feeling sick, have chronic conditions, need a check-up, or need to speak to a mental health professional, we’re here for you! Agape is a medical home that provides comprehensive care and education for all ages to help you take charge of your health.

The Agape Clinic continually seeks to meet the healthcare needs of the marginalized community, ensuring long-term health and wellness prosperity are accessible and obtainable for those most vulnerable. Agape is committed to delivering excellent care to the underserved community while removing barriers to patient care and services.

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