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Agape Behavioral Health


Fully integrated behavioral healthcare within primary care is the golden standard for optimal care, as up to 75% of primary care visits include mental or behavioral health components.  

Poverty is widely understood to be a high-risk factor for many health conditions, and barriers such as limited provider access, poor healthcare literacy, and social determinants of health block quality of life and add barriers to improved outcomes. To address this issue, Agape's integrated healthcare services consider marginalized populations' unique needs and challenges, addressing the entire person and the underlying causes of health disparities - rather than just treating symptoms.

The Agape Clinic's counselor and licensed clinical social worker is a key member of the Agape healthcare team. Agape behavioral health supports trauma-based therapy and the GATHER behavioral health integration model.

Behavioral healthcare services are available for children, youth, adults, and families
     Case Management 
     Occupational Therapy 
     Play Therapy 
     Wellness Literacy

Please call the Agape Clinic today to schedule a behavioral health appointment.

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