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I've absolutely loved working at the Clinic and it's given me an amazing opportunity to connect with my community. Because of my experiences here, I've decided to pursue a pre-medical track in the hopes of one day working as a physician in a clinic such as this one."


Agape Clinic’s work would not be possible without the help of our outstanding volunteers.  We are honored to work with people interested in giving back to the community and to those in need.

The Agape Clinic is unique as the opportunity to volunteer means several things. An Agape volunteer can assist the clinic by offering administrative support, such as scanning and filing documents and medical charts, dictating or scribing for doctors during patient visits, and assisting the provider during patient visits.


 Becoming an Agape Ambassador is another valuable way to volunteer with the Agape Clinic. These volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses provide clinical care to patients pro bono and complement the Agape Clinic staff.  Through our Agape Ambassadors and volunteers, Agape is able to offer quality healthcare unconditionally while keeping the patient cost nominal.


I want to volunteer! What are the next steps? 


  • Interested in serving as an Agape Ambassador (you are a fully licensed medical provider (MD/DO/APRN/PA) in the State of Texas)?
    Please select the "Licensed Provider Volunteer" box below to find out more. 


  • Have questions? Do you wish to serve but are not a medical provider?
    Please select the "Interested in volunteering" box below to learn more.

  • If you are a current Agape Ambassador, please visit the "Existing Volunteer" box below to access the VICNet calendar and schedule your service time.

Existing Volunteer

Login to Volgistics to sign up for volunteer shifts or trainings. 

Interested in volunteering?

Agape needs volunteers with diverse skills sets and interests. Apply below!

Licensed Provider Volunteer

If you are a fully licensed medical provider in the State of Texas, please email Dr. Barbara Baxter, Medical Director, by clicking the button below. 

 I was recently seen as a patient at the Agape Clinic. While I was waiting, there was an orientation happening & during the presentation I heard that there was a high need for interpreters. As I will be entering senior year, it is required for a graduate to perform community service for a set amount of time & I would love to volunteer my time and skill here at Agape Clinic as an interpreter & help such a helping clinic who helped me whenever I was in need.


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