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4104 Junius Street, Dallas, Texas 75246

Tel: 972-707-7782

Medical ext. 301 

Dental ext. 302

Fax: 972-707-7781

Medical Fax: 800-834-0522


 I was recently seen as a patient at the Agape Clinic. While I was waiting, there was an orientation happening & during the presentation I heard that there was a high need for interpreters. As I will be entering senior year, it is required for a graduate to perform community service for a set amount of time & I would love to volunteer my time and skill here at Agape Clinic as an interpreter & help such a helping clinic who helped me whenever I was in need.


Agape Clinic's work would not be possible without the help of our outstanding volunteers. We are honored to work with people interested in giving back to the community and those in need and we would love to work with you. 

If you are a fully licensed medical provider (MD/DO/APRN/PA) in the State of Texas interested in volunteering with Agape Clinic, please email Stephanie Bohan, Executive Director, by clicking the "Email Us Now" button below, or by sending a message to volunteerprovider@theagapeclinic.org.

Existing Volunteer

Login to Volgistics to sign up for volunteer shifts or trainings. 

Interested in volunteering?

Agape needs volunteers with diverse skills sets and interests. Apply below!

Licensed Provider Volunteer

If you are a fully licensed medical provider in the State of Texas, please email Stephanie Bohan, Executive Director, by clicking the button below. 



We are so excited that you are interested in volunteering at Agape. We have lots of wonderful opportunities to utilize your skills. Some of these opportunities include:

General Volunteer

General volunteers undertake a large number of important administrative duties, including front desk support (call logs, office duties), medical record scanning, pharmacy (inventory management, expired medication disposal), North Texas Food Bank Mobile Pantry food distribution.

Medical Assistant 1:

Medical Assistant 1 is a role that supports clinic operations. Duties include measuring and recording vital signs, printing medication labels, proper cleaning of patient rooms, patient education (glucose monitor setup and demo, and organizing and preparing documents), and point of care testing such as Dfs & A1c, Hgb, and UA &HcG.

Medical Assistant 2

Medical Assistant 2 support clinic operations in a more hands on way. MA2 may take part in procedures such as intramuscular injections, ear irrigations, EKGs, procedure preparation and assistance in toenail extractions, InD, and cervical and anal paps.



Interpreters play a crucial role at Agape. Nearly 65% of our patients speak Spanish as their primary language. Interpreters provide verbal and written translations in patient rooms and provide front desk support.


Medical scribes help our providers document patient encounters in our electronic medical record and may assume the MA role as needed.

North Texas Food Bank

Access to fresh fruits and vegetables is a challenge for many people in North Texas! If you volunteer at the NTFB Mobile Pantry you will be asked to prepare and distribute bags of food. You may also be asked to translate for Spanish speakers who visit the food truck.


Throughout the year, Agape has special events that volunteers can assist with. Duties may be assigned depending on the event.

Don’t see a role here that fits your experience? We welcome volunteers who may be able to support Agape in other ways. Please click here to submit an application to volunteer. 

Volunteer FAQ


What type of volunteer opportunities are available at Agape Clinic? 

Agape uses volunteers in a broad range of roles. Whether you are hoping to help with administration, marketing, medical, pharmacy, or more, we would love to have you volunteer with us! Please see the “Roles” section for more specific information.

I want to volunteer in the dental department. How can I help?

We appreciate your support of the Agape Clinic mission! Dental is run by Texas A&M dentistry school and does not have openings for volunteers. If you would like to become involved in the clinic, please consider volunteering in the medical clinic or in an office/administrative role.

I am a licensed medical professional interested in volunteering. What do I need to do? 

If you are a licensed medical professional interested in volunteering, please email Stephanie Bohan, Executive Director, at sbohan@theagapeclinic.org.

What is required to volunteer at Agape? To remain active, all volunteers must complete four hours per month. If you are interested in volunteering in the clinic as a scribe or medical assistant, you will be required to complete 16 hours of general volunteer work before training for those roles. Volunteers must also be up to date on their Hepatitis B and MMR vaccines, and supply proof of a current TB skin or blood test.  

I have submitted an application to volunteer. When will I hear from Agape? 

We are very excited that you want to volunteer at Agape! We have a large volume of volunteer requests, but we try our best to be responsive. We will email you within 2-4 weeks with volunteer orientation information. You must attend an orientation in order to sign up for volunteer shifts.

I submitted a new volunteer application more than 2-4 weeks ago but have not received a response. What do I need to do? 

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Agape Clinic volunteer! Our primary form of communication with applicants is via email. If you opted out of emails when filling out the volunteer application, then you will not receive the orientation schedule and next steps. Please submit a new volunteer application and leave "Messages to Volunteers" active.

When can I volunteer? 

We have volunteer hours 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and on Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Select evening clinic hours are available between 4:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. If you have completed volunteer orientations, please login to Volgistics for complete schedule information and to sign up for shifts.  

What is the dress code for volunteers? 

If you are volunteering as a general volunteer, interpreter, food truck assistant, or for an event, please wear business casual dress. Closed-toe shoes are required, and your clothes must be clean, with no offensive logos. Scribes and medical assistants should wear scrubs of any color.


How do I register to volunteer? 

If you’re a new volunteer, please visit submit an application to volunteer. We will do our best to contact you within 2-4 weeks. If you are a licensed medical professional interested in volunteering, please email Stephanie Bohan, Executive Director, at sbohan@theagapeclinic.org.

I’m already registered to volunteer. How do I sign up for a shift?

If you have completed volunteer orientation, you may click on the “Existing Volunteer Login” below to sign in to Volgistics. Click on the “My Schedule” tab at the top of the page to see and register for available shifts. 


Where do I park? 

Parking is available across Junius Street at Grace United Methodist Church (blue box on the left of the map). If you park at Grace UMC, please remember that the traffic is one-way only and you must enter from Junius Street. We also have a small fenced lot across Haskell Street (blue box on the bottom of the map). Please do not park in the clinic lot, as this is reserved for our patients. 

I want to sign up to volunteer on a specific day, but Volgistics says it’s full. Can I still come volunteer? 

We love your enthusiasm! Unfortunately, if there are no available shifts in Volgistics, then we do not have any space for additional volunteers that day. Please consider signing up for another day.

When can I train to be a scribe or medical assistant?

Once you complete volunteer orientation and 16 hours of general volunteer work and submitted a record of the required immunizations, you may attend a scribe or MA training. Please check Volgistics for the schedule of dates.