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Give the gift of Health & Hope this Christmas. 

A gift of $100 provides a complete comprehensive healthcare appointment

(including lab work and medication) for a child, parent, or individual in need. 


Our patient's income is less than 200% of the federal poverty level, 95% are minority, 100% have comorbidities, and 100% are uninsured. The word "agape" means unconditional love. Join us in transforming the lives of people who are among the least of these. Matthew 25:40

  • Why give to Agape? 

Your gift makes a tremendous difference: Every dollar (100%) goes directly to patient care. 85% of Agape's patients are women and children living in poverty. The Agape Clinic prioritizes eliminating all barriers to healthcare access and does not file or accept insurance. We deliver care always & unconditionally: Agape is a 100% philanthropically funded non-profit, charity healthcare facility that extends care to all without prerequisites or barriers to receiving care (no zip code restrictions, an ID is not required, no insurance is filed, no income information is required, etc. ).


Poverty is widely understood to be a high-risk factor for many health conditions and increases the risk of health issues, behavioral problems, and poor health outcomes. Limited provider access, poor healthcare literacy, and social determinants of health block quality of life and hinder improved outcomes. As a result, those underserved require specialized healthcare services catering to their unique needs, yet they cannot access care due to their socioeconomic position. Agape offers integrated healthcare services that consider the marginalized populations' unique needs, addressing the entire person and the underlying causes of health disparities - rather than only treating symptoms.

Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season

and a prosperous new year filled with hope, happiness, and good health.

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