I had been going to doctor after doctor for years, with no one listening. I was in terrible pain, could not sleep, and was experiencing crippling hopelessness and depression. The staff at Agape treated me with kindness and respect. They gave me medications and I was sleeping within a week. My pain level has dropped from a 9 to a 3. I talked to my boss and I may be able to get my job back when I am cleared to work. Thanks to Agape, I have hope again. 


Agape Clinic is incredibly grateful to the patients, individuals, and foundations whose generous contributions make our work possible. In response to COVID-19, we have increased our staff to better meet community need. We are also facing increasing costs related to medical supply and medication purchases. At the same time, our patients have been hard hit economically by this pandemic and many are no longer able to donate toward the cost of their care. We rely on patient donations for about 25% of our revenue every year. Will you partner with us to help us care for vulnerable members of our community?

Every dollar donated to Agape has an impact. Read on to hear more from some our patients and donors.

As a Dallas taxpayer, Agape Clinic is a wonderful investment. They're returning value back to the community in every respect. The Clinic is available to everyone for $0.12 on the dollar. They provide good medical care, a sense of belonging and respect for those who don't have much, and it's a great training ground for medical students. And it's doing it all from a faith perspective, which checks another box for me. 

Martti Benson

Donor and Board Member

I came to [Agape]  because I couldn't get help from no one else. They opened their door to me and helped me with my blood pressure and diabetes. The Clinic is amazing. They help everybody, don't care who you are are where you come from. They open their doors to all.


Are you interested in supporting the long-term sustainability of the Agape Clinic through an endowment gift? Please visit The Agape Always Foundation to learn more. 

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We are grateful for your support!!

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