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Agape is a 100% philanthropically funded charity healthcare facility in Dallas that extends care to all without restrictions or prerequisites (no income requirements, zip code restrictions, no insurance filed, etc.).

The Agape Clinic provided over

$9 million

in quality healthcare to the community in 2022; every $1 given is magnified to $9 in medical impacts.

Over 12,750 patient visits were provided for the medically underserved in 2022.

The Agape Clinic worked with ~ 5,761


 people in 2022 to improve their health.

The Agape Clinic served patients from over 

262 zip codes & 23 counties

during 2022.

Over 500

medical students 

volunteered with The Agape Clinic to serve our community each year.

Integrated healthcare services at the Agape Clinic consider marginalized children, adults, and families' unique needs and challenges, addressing the entire person and the underlying causes of health disparities - rather than just treating symptoms. Agape seeks to address the intergenerational poverty cycle through innovative, patient and family-centered, integrated healthcare.


The Agape Clinic is a charity clinic.

No income verification is required. To remain open, donations are appreciated.

The suggested medical donation amount is $50.00. 

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