The mission of the Agape Clinic is to provide quality healthcare services unconditionally to underserved people.

While 2021 presented unique trials and challenges for the Agape Clinic, we were able to grow and make a significant impact on the medically underserved in North Texas.

The Agape Clinic provided over

$9 million

in quality healthcare to the community; every $1 given is magnified to $9 in medical impacts.

Over 16,000 patient visits were provided for the medically underserved in 2021.

The Agape Clinic worked with ~ 5,761

unduplicated people in 2021 to improve their health.

The Agape Clinic served patients from over 

262 zip codes, 23 counties, and  3 states

during 2021.

Over 500

medical students 

volunteered with The Agape Clinic to serve our community each year.

The Agape Clinic is a charity clinic.

No income verification is required. To remain open, donations are appreciated.

The suggested medical donation amount is $50.00. 

Mission East Dallas Dental services will be provided regardless of the ability to pay or insurance status. MED Dental does accept insurance and 

offers a sliding scale of fees and payment plans.