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Agape is the *ONLY* charity clinic in the DFW metroplex that provides integrated and comprehensive healthcare services without any prerequisites or restrictions.  


No zip code requirements  - No income verification  - No insurance filed  - No sliding-fee scale - No barriers 


Most medications and lab work are *FREE* to Agape patients due to strategic partnerships. 


Agape does ask for a donation from patients to assist with service expenses.
Care is *
ALWAYS* provided regardless of a patient's ability to donate. 


The word agape means *unconditional love*.

The Agape Clinic provided over

$8.3 million

in quality healthcare to the community in 2023; every $1 given is magnified to $8 in medical impacts.

Over 14,000 patient visits were provided for the medically underserved in 2023.

Agape will serve over 20,000 patient visits in 2024.

The Agape Clinic worked with ~ 5,761


 people in 2023 to improve their health.

The Agape Clinic served patients from over 

262 zip codes & 23 counties

during 2023.

Over 500

medical students 

volunteered with The Agape Clinic to serve our community each year.

At Agape Clinic, we understand that health is a fundamental right and that access to healthcare should be equitable for all. We're dedicated to providing healthcare services that address the unique needs of every individual, regardless of their background, race, socioeconomic status, or ability to pay for care.

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